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XML and DTD Design Schema

AAPEK can transform media rich, unstructured paper, microfilm or scanned documents into helpful and easy to use XML/SGML files. We are engaged in converting media rich, unstructured paper, microfilm or scanned documents to reliable XML files. We make use of and change an assortment of third party encoding standards such as TEI, Docbooks, NLM, DTBook, etc., and develop other proprietary content management tools to build XML database.

Through web publishing, we can demonstrate and accumulate information through the internet. Publishers decide on web publishing services to store, manage, search and dynamically deliver content to their readers via XML format. The XML web publishing is flexible, scalable, versatile and re-usable.

Being re-usable format, XML renders more value to the content by

  • Adopting single-source publishing
  • Efficiency in delivery
  • XML vocabularies such as DITA, S1000D, SPL and XBRL.

We have experts and specialists in our DTD (Document Type Definition) and Schema development team that help us in both print and electronic publishing.

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