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Semantic Tagging

In an industry that is becoming more and more competitive day by day, the context-specific online search techniques that are in practice have no longer have major impact.

These techniques are bookmarking, document indexing, material cataloging and social-media tagging. This is where you need Semantic Tagging to make search more precise.

In semantic tagging, the specific details that are used are as follows

  • Web Ontology Language (WOL) and Resource Description Framework (RDF)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social-media tagging

By associating with AAPEK, you can make your content accessible to maximum web users and searchable globally.

What Semantic Tagging can do for your website

  • Improves search engine optimization
  • Enables a tag standardization by adding meaning
  • Connects Wikipedia and social-media bookmarking
  • Enables intelligent search and replacement of key words
  • Facilitates information integration and knowledge discovery
  • Allows auto-classification and multilingual semantic tagging and automated link insertion
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