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Content Tagging & QA

Content tagging, a process of labeling and indexing online data, is carried out with the use of Meta tags and keywords. We understand the efforts and resources needed to publish online content. We make sure that end users are able to locate the desired content easily and quickly. Also, we ensure that scores of online data generated through systematic planning and implementation are perfectly accessible and readable on the internet. This all is done through our content tagging and QA services.

This results in smooth reading and downloading experience for your readers. The active linkage and their proper functioning provided by us enable readers to navigate with ease to any location on the site. We also have a professional environment where personalized solutions are available for our clients.

Content Tagging Advantages

  • Searchable online content
  • Retrievable content
  • Categorize content with tags
  • Tag with keywords to make search easier

Online data content that is available for tagging

  • eBooks
  • Websites
  • Online archives
  • Online articles and journals

The main focus in QA is on

  • Grammatically accurate content and spell check
  • Active linkage and their full functioning with desired locations
  • Formatting of text
  • Balance of textual and pictorial content
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